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A Literature Review in Dissertation: Tips for Writing a Quality Piece

The introduction of a dissertation is one of the major parts that learners dread. You might get lucky and get a free and open-minded tutor who will handle your task without interfering. However, the worst-case scenario might be a professor who insists that you must start with the literature review. 

The literature review is part of your dissertation and must be focused, clear, and informative. If you do not write the piece appropriately, your dissertation will be of low quality because it will not answer the research questions. Here are some pointers on how to write a solid literature review in a dissertation:

Do Not Judge

The literature review is an essential section but it must be judged in the context of the research questions. Go deep to ensure that your article is helpful to the reader because judging is always wrong.

Be Persuasive

It is not easy to get a dissertation literature review wrong. That is why you must think of it as a guide, not as the final word on the matter. Tell the reader what he or she should expect from you by presenting what they can expect to find in the literature review.

Not Rehash the Same Ideas

A literature review is not a list of research ideas. Try not to introduce concepts you have already mentioned and repeat them as you try to ensure that your article is well written. Use different methods to give information about different topics that is fresh.

Use a System

You cannot draft a literature review if you do not know what a literature review is and what it entails. It is not an exhaustive list of literature. When you conduct your literature review, you must have a systematic approach. Also, ensure that you do not repeat ideas in the same paragraph. Make sure to utilize different methods to complete the task.


A literature review, or any other academic paper, for that matter, must be written from a unique perspective and with a hypothesis. Ask yourself what the professor expects from you after reading the literature review. Some of the most significant aspects to consider are:

  1. The significance of the research questions
  2. Your opinion regarding the findings
  3. The chances of your research findings being significant
  4. The message that your piece wants to relay to the reader

Write Logical Directives

Your literature review must stand on its own without beginning to favor or refute other points. Your goals must be served by breaking your discussion into topics that you can study on your own. Also, ensure that your ideas flow logically and connect to the research questions.

Make the Review Specific

The guidelines given for this section might appear vague and open-ended, but that should change. Leave a clue as to the types of literature you will include in your literature review. Make sure that the information you have is relevant to the chosen topic.

Your dissertation is more than just a research paper. It should have content that relates to your area of study and contain the objectives of the research. 

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