How to Write a Literature Review Dissertation


The Ideal Way to Write a Literature Review Dissertation

A literature review is an essential part of any dissertation. It includes all the sources that you have used to support your argument. It requires adequate research to produce a quality document. A literature review focuses on collecting the appropriate scholarly material to support your writing. 

A dissertation is a lengthy academic paper. Besides, writing a literature review takes time. Besides, it is like a second dissertation that must be submitted at the end of the course. If you fail to meet the standard of a dissertation, you might not graduate on time. So, who does a good literature review? Here are steps to guide you! 

Find the right sources

To write a literature review, you must have sufficient sources to support your writing. What is required for a literature review in a dissertation? The first section must relate to your topic. A topic will inform you of the right sources for the literature review. A literature review may delve into areas such as psychology, anthropology, social sciences, and economics. 

You need enough credible sources to support your work. The sources should give facts, figures, statistics, discussions about the concepts, and credible critiques and opinions. The sources should persuade the reader to think of your writing as well as give a decision on whether your work is legitimate. 

Check for plagiarism

Many learners would assume that when writing a literature review dissertation, they can skip to the above step. However, plagiarism is an academic offense. You can be expelled from your institution if found guilty of copying someone else’s work. To ensure your dissertation is plagiarism-free, include references in the literature review section. 

Do a literature review

It is vital to research on the subject of your writing. You can only come up with pertinent information when writing a dissertation. Besides, you must find some comments from your instructor and get their approval before writing. If it is a technical dissertation, you must research its referencing style and formats to include in the literature review. 

Remember, a literature review must be factual. Do not use statistics, theories, or interpretations from existing sources. Try to come up with credible information. However, the standard for scientific research is peer-reviewed publications. However, you might not have the option of reviewing the literature from other sources. Check with the supervisor first before you proceed.

Write the dissertation 

After the above steps, you now write your dissertation dissertation. The writing process is not easy. You may have many assignments. However, having a good plan will ensure that you write an error-free dissertation that meets all the standard requirements. 

Do not leave things half done as you have to finish your dissertation writing task within the stipulated deadline. If you fail to write your dissertation before the due date, you might be charged with misconduct. Thus, you must improve your skills. 

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