Reading Techniques: Read faster and more effectively


Reading can be learned: With the right reading technology, rolling and learning the required reading takes only half as long!

Reading Techniques: Traditional Reading

The text is marked with a pen. Danger: Too many parts of the text are marked, the signal effect is lost. After the first review, the text will be read a second time to revisit the facts of the text. Time consuming!

Reading Techniques: Socratic Reading

The reader takes on the role of the philosopher and puts the famous W-questions to the text: Who? What? As? Why? When? Where? and she answers. By answering the questions, the most important content-related aspects are worked out.

Reading techniques: rhetorical reading

The reader is concerned with the structure of the text, the points person, thing and structure are analyzed. Necessary: ​​compliance with the order. First, seek clues to the person, then get to the point and ultimately target the outline.

Reading techniques: creative reading

Unlike all other techniques! Here the headline is the starting point, the reader first deals with it, then takes a break and notes possible contents. Only then does he begin the reading and note the most important statements of the piece.